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Charisma Classes

Charisma One & Two

(Three full days of personal training for the professional communication)
Also See Corporate Leadership Training:

This is a Career Accelerant!

If your performance could use a boost or your sales efforts need a little “Pizzazz”,
No matter what level of communication you value most; daily interaction with customers, corporate boardroom, one on one demonstration or platform type presentation, it could always be better understood by the listeners you entertain!

If you think you DO NOT need more knowledge or an edge in today’s competitive world, YOU should consider signing up immediately!

Your competition just did!

Words every communicator should know:

Teen girl with planet earth.


The power you give off without words!


Allowing yourself to experience.

“Positive Attitude”

Making the decision to be happy.


Permission to follow YOUR dreams.

Take Time For YOU!
ONE on ONE Training to Develop and REACH your goals!

Charisma – One and Two

only two times a year and are generally reserved 12-18 months in advance due to limited seating.
Don’t wait, get set up now! Classes accommodate 6 to 12 students and focus on individual development.Cine de acción. Serie géneros cinematográficos.

Three decades strong, this MOST POPULAR workshop with a winning reputation for producing exciting and effective communication and leaders.

  • Platform Artists
  • Entertainers
  • Corporate Executives
  • Salon Professionals
  • General Salon Management

Check it out!

Spheres of Newton

  • Be Rehearsed!
  • Reach Your Audience!
  • Be Yourself!
  • Be effective!





“Having fun while you learn is the most effective type of education, and really the only way to keep the attention of highly creative people.”
– Carole Lyden Smith

Dare To Be Different!

Come join us in 2014-2015 and see what all the talk is about!

Learn, Grow and Appreciate Your Passion,

Breakthrough Green Road Sign with Dramatic Clouds and Sky.
Listen, Care and Seek to Understand!

Do Your Dream!

See You Real Soon!
Make your reservation Now: 1/888-694-3549.

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