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Phase One – Three days of How To Helix: The Four Basic Rules of Helix cutting and understanding of Scientific DNA Facts of Helix: Hands On Style!

digital illustration dna background

Who……of your clients would benefit most with a Helix Custom Design?

What….. specific effect Helix cutting will produce?

Where… you begin the Helix cutting method?

When…..are my results apparent and are they adjustable?

Why……my creativity is limitless for any challenge?

And How… increase your professional clientele with “A Custom Helix Design”?


Breaking away from the precision method of cutting can be time consuming and challenging to say the least.

The idea of Helix comes from the DNA ladder and represents a “Section” of hair.

abstract composition

Rest assured we will walk you through every step of the way with individual instruction if need be, our guest PHD Graduates can offer their experience to assist you along. (THEY HAVE BEEN IN YOUR CHAIR) While we go through each day with a check and balance schedule we meticulously monitor each student for comprehension and with gentle explanation move step by step. No matter what your experience level in cosmetology…

ALL STUDENTS BEGIN AT THE SAME PLACE! We begin first with the focus of hair health in general and the SIMPLE scientific factors to begin thinking and designing with The Helix Cutting System. Discovering the perfect health for every customer and trouble shoot the problem areas FIRST!safe_image.php


 Shiny brown curl with comb isolated on white

Next… Art!>

No matter how you may consider yourself to be an artist, YOU ARE IN AN ARTISTIC INDUSTRY! Remembering every customer is individually created and that specific features are enhanced and/or camouflaged to perceive an illusion of perfect balance. A technique called blue printing, is the secret map that clearly directs you the creator where and what to begin your designing talents.


EVERY design is governed by bone structure, personality and lifestyle, you will learn new techniques to give you the confidence in solving problem hair combinations that you face in the beauty profession. No Experience Required……. YOU WILL SURPRISE YOURSELF!



What They Didn’t Teach, Business 101! The first step in creating a successful business is “One Step Back”. You will learn How to begin talking about Helix in a professional manner and educate your customers without pushing sales.

Conceptual business woman portrait. Isolated

It’s okay NOT to know everything about hair as long as your OPEN TO IDEAS!

Did you ever consider how many different perceptions of hair stylist there could be? INFINITE! You will agree there are just as many unknowns about each clients individual hair needs multiplied by as the Hair Professionals in the world with an opinion for success design!

Plan your way to the top, Step by step with Forecasting, Budgeting and Marketing –WITHOUT THE FEAR OF SELLING.

Learning how to place your professional reputation in the income category that you select wisely, and growing your business to the level you’ve dreamed of, no matter how simple or grand.

New Technology on Golden Compass.

Become a proactive in the “New Marketing Tools” for your business and understand how they apply in your daily routine.

Create Professional and D.I.Y. promotions that are effective and regulate your success in a constant and comfortable growth pace.



– Finally, communicating effectively with every person you come in contact with socially and professionally. Challenge yourself to develop your inner self and perceived personality type to be appreciated and progressive in almost every relationship you attain. You will understand why you are the way you are and why others are the way they are!

ZincirThe D.I.S.C. will become a new living system that you will use daily and with practice, evaluation and review you will master this concept forever. You will wonder how you ever lived with out this knowledge once achieved! That is just a sneak peak of what you will learn with Helix Phase One – So get ready for the educational experience like no other and we will see YOU in our next Helix Hair USA – Phase One Class real soon! Classes are filling fast and Specials Tuition Pricing will end soon, Call Today or email for more information!

Then its On for more Professional Training:

Phase Two:

Advanced Cutting

Naturally Curly and Problem Hair

Long blond hairGirl with Long Hair

Class Objectives: Phase Two

  • Put control back into naturally curly hair.
  • Naturally beautiful, no frizzes and no chemicals.
  • Correct problem growth pattern hair easily.
  • Blend in 3 Dimensional cutting.
  • Create a business you can count on.
  • Qualify as Specialist.
  • Marketing in a VIP arena.
  • How to make Great money in your salon.

All Classes are 3 Full days of Helix Cutting!
($895.00 each class) ASK ABOUT INTERNET SPECIALS

Now Is The Time
Cutting Quality VS Quantity

"The only thing for certain is change." Carole Lyden Smith, Inventor

“The only thing for certain is change.”
Carole Lyden Smith, Helix Inventor, International Motivator, Master Artistic Designer, Author and Educator.


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