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These are the basic questions generally asked by interested hair professionals, However if you have specific questions not mentioned in this format please email us at for a personal reply or call 888/MyHelix.

How much is the first class to start my Helix Education?

Your First Hands On Helix Phase One class is three full days of Discovery and is regular $795.00. Tuition Specials are available and we offer a scholarships program as well from our PHD Graduate referrals. All tuition includes your student kit with workbook, high quality human hair mannequin’s, Helix class products and all you should need for class.

Do you have any tuition specials?

YES! Get It Now – $300.00 off – Internet Special. We quite often have internet enrollment specials for our classes. Now you can experience the Phase One for Only $495.00 (Reg. $795.00) while tuition specials apply. Phase One is our Helix Discovery Class presenting the “Four Basic Rules”!The Helix Discovery Class is 3 full days of Discovery (Phase One) 2014-2015 Only $495.00 Right Now – While Seating is available! Seating is limited to keep the integrity of our student to instructor ratio effect and reserved on a first come basis. Group rates are available!

How do I pay for my class and is there financial assistance available?

Reservations are required and classes fill very quickly. We limited the attendance to only 10 student to keep quality class structure. A deposit of $100.00 will hold your reservation and that’s it – YOU ARE IN! The balance CAN BE EASILY FINANCED WITH AN INDIVIDUAL PAYMENT PLAN TO FIT ANY BUDGET. The full tuition must must be paid in full before your scheduled class, so DON’T WAIT ANY LONGER….the further in advance you make your reservation….. THE LOWER THE MONTHLY PAYMENT. Call NOW AND ENROLL FOR YOUR SEAT AND EXCITING NEW WORLD OF HELIX HAIR USA – toll free (888-MYHELIX) 888/694-3549 for seating, availability and easy registration. We accept Checks, Visa, Master Card, and Discover. All tuition is non-refundable, however in the event of an EMERGENCY your balance may be transferred to future class date.

Do I have to have the special “Helix” Shears to do this cut?

YES, We provide a pair of “Helix” student shears for all classroom work. You may purchase your Own Helix Shears anytime during class. Special financing is available after you have experienced The Helix Cutting System first hand. If you are skeptical, that is okay too, all of your doubt will easily resolved with just one hands on Helix demonstration.

How is The Helix Cutting System beneficial for me as a stylist?

Our cutting system a scientific study of Cosmetic Physics. The Helix Cutting System is designed scientifically! Though the process can be complicated at first, the schematic in design does the math for you. There is a complicated algebraic equation to explain the perfect angle and torque required to give the effect, making your result completely predictable for your desired result. Carole Lyden Smith, The Helix Hair USA founder, along with the very best shear and metal engineering professionals, cosmetic scientists and beauty professionals have simplified this equation for easy comprehension with our educational program. THE HOW TO instruction is explained completely in your first Phase One class. No matter what your level of experience in cutting! This is advanced cutting at its best puts the artistic design back to the hair professional, giving complete freedom with confidence.

Why can’t I use plain, curved or straight shears that I already have?

The Helix Shear Collection is unlike any other shear. The Torque is the difference! Referencing the previous question; the bottom part of the equation CAN NOT be altered. Meaning, if you take away the “torque” of the Helix honed blade or the curve, you CAN NOT get a Helix result, but rather a Thinning Effect! The Helix Cutting System is focused on cutting “C” shaping into the hair ANYWHERE IN THE DESIGN. Resulting in volume, texture, natural looking wave and curl. The top portion of the equation will differ with each client and hair fabric; which is why no two people will have the same Helix result. THIS IS HUGE FOR THE HAIR PROFESSIONAL THAT ENJOYS THE ART OF INDIVIDUAL, CORRECTIVE AND EFFECTIVE RESULTS IN EACH PERFORMANCE OF THE HELIX CUTTING SYSTEM.

How much are the Helix Shears and is there any financial aid?

Our Education is structured University Style; completing One level at a time. The Helix Original Shear is our Phase One shear and is $600. Our Helix In-house Financing easy to qualify no matter your credit history and is available immediately. You will be approved, 99% of applicants are approved with low monthly payments starting as low as $50 per month. The Helix Shear Collection offers 8 Helix Specialty Shears with each having a completely different cutting result and specifically taught in the correlating class (Phase One – Phase Four). These unique designing tools are individually hand-crafted by our metal sculpting artist from High Quality Metal and Surgical Grade performance to keep a fine edge and self sharping. Each Helix Shear comes with a lifetime guarantee for manufacturing defect of performance. The investment is different for each tool as you build your career and new clientele as a Professional Helix Designer (PHD).

Yes, a new pair of Helix shears can go home with you after your very first class, Phase One and your financial assistance program! Let your new “Helix” income pay for your new tools. We will show you how to use your new income to finance your education and tools without interrupting your current income. The Helix Hair USA financing program is deferred to give you THE FIRST month FREE to begin your payment plan and get started EARNING GREAT MONEY! Do it for yourself and Invest In YOUR Future.

What is the greatest benefit of the Helix Cutting System to the licensed hair professional?

A FUTURE WITH FINANCIAL STABILITY AND CREATIVITY IN THE CAREER YOU LOVE. Become a “Professional Helix Designer” and earn your PHD certification that will give you the Confidence and a secure career. You will be known as a Corrective Cutting Specialist, knowing exactly how to design for any individual and every customer. Helix Hair USA is committed in reaching our goal to educate and inspire the beauty profession. We are dedicated to upgrade the general perception and reputation of today’s hair stylists. Knowledge is Power so take your power back! We offer a business module in every classes to grow and explore “Real Business Building Essentials” that you can do yourself, RIGHT NOW – EVERYDAY! We can show you how, Hands-On experience to grow your business with proven systems that will allow every stylist to double, triple and quadruple their income AND ITS EASY! Ask any of the 10K+ GRADUATES about Helix Hair USA and their experience, you will get the same reply WORLDWIDE….ABSOLUTELY AMAZING AND THE ONE OF THE BEST DECISION THEY EVER MADE IN THEIR CAREER! Helix Cutting System offers a scientific, beautiful and healthy alternative to damaging chemicals or thermal dynamics. This collection of artistic tools will create volume, movement, texture, and curl anywhere in the flow of your custom design. Now that is Powerful!

What about baby fine stick straight hair, will this cut work?

ABSOLUTELY Yes! The Helix Cutting System is designed specifically for problem hair and making it perfect! Each shear gives the ability to produce volume, movement, wave and curl into baby fine, stick straight hair leaving full, bounce and shine to a once flat and thin head of hair. ONLY A Certified Helix Designer knows how to evaluate the balance of physical science, technical cutting and general health of the hair to get these professional results. ASK FOR PROFESSIONAL HELIX DESIGNER CREDENTIALS…or simply call 888-MyHelix and get our personal recommendation.

What about naturally curly hair, What can be expected from a Helix Cutting System?

This type of hair fabric requires controlled curl or a balanced wave from scalp to ends and generally prefers a healthy smooth finish! This hair type is considered “Problem Hair” to our trained specialists and IS EASILY CORRECTED. The Helix “Phase Two” class is all about problem hair issues (IGP) “Irregular Growth Patterns” such as “cowlicks”, and “naturally untamed curls”. The fabric of any hair type is correctable with the Helix Cutting System! Science that corrects the outcome for all human hair. This is truly an individualized specialty that will benefit both the customer and the stylist with achievable results instantly.

Is there breakage of the hair after this type of cut?

Absolutely Not, Quite the opposite! The Helix Cutting System requires HEALTHY hair for best results! Hair breakage is determined by the health and integrity of the hair. This is the “Starting Place” for any every Helix professional. It is essential for every potential Helix customer to be informed of WHY and HOW to care for their NEW HELIX HAIRCUT. The “After Care” IS ABSOLUTELY A PART OF THIS SYSTEM. Helix Designer Hair Care has a full product line to support and maintain this beautiful design. HDHC products are INTERNAL NOURISHMENT FOR YOUR HAIR see our product page for a full explanation and suggested for each hair type and for the maximum benefits. This is a “Prescription Line” individual recommendations from your Helix Professional Designer will make this line affordable and effective for your specific hair – JUST THINK, NO MORE WASTED PRODUCT THAT DOESN’T WORK ON YOUR HAIR! For many years people have been damaging their hair with harsh and dangerous chemically and also overly hot styling methods. Then we strive to make it appear shiny and healthy again without losing the curl or texture we just achieved leaving the hair in the same place we stared – ONLY NOW WITH EXTREME DAMAGE.

What are the greatest advantages of having a Professional Helix Design?

The Helix Cutting System offers a healthy alternative to damage causing chemicals and treatments while providing a flexible finish for movable, shiny, healthy hair. The client personally enjoys a user friendly design just for them and versatility to wear their hair anyway they want with the freedom to finished smooth or curly with long lasting results. Imagine a chemical free body wave! This is the alternative to harsh chemicals, smells and unpleasant burning. The only maintenance required for the Helix Cutting System to work for you is – HEALTHY HAIR. Consumer friendly designs will keep your customer care and salon continuously growing with every informed person.
We also know 95% of salon clientele wants their color! Performing the Helix Cutting System with color or other Hair services on the same day without the fear of over damage!

Where can I find a Certified Professional Helix Designer?

WWW.HelixHairUSA.Com website! We maintain a professional referral list of Certified Helix Designers and P.H.D. Specialists. All Helix graduates are licensed professionals and individually educated by our Helix Professional Instructors. Our graduates receive a LIFETIME VISITORS PASS to attend any class previously taken for FREE – FOREVER! This keeps the Helix Cutting System Fresh and Ever Growing. Our PHD Graduates maintain their skills with a Re-Certification program is recommended every two years to ensure the educational integrity of the Helix Cutting System. Also visit our WWW.MyHelix.Com site for the “Certified Helix Salons” geographical listing. All graduates have been personally trained and approved before passing to the next level of education.

How often do I have to get this cut after my first Helix Hair Experience?

THAT’S EASY, This depends on the average growth of the hair, generally 6 – 8 weeks and will vary depending on the hair’s personal performance! Most clients can wait up to 10 or 12 weeks before having a “touch up”. It is not recommended to go more than 12 weeks (crown support will weaken). Consider how a “color service” grows out. The Helix “Out Growth” is similar, the base or new growth must be “Helix’ed” to support the crown area giving lift and volume to the over all design, while the remaining hair provides the direction and texture. The Helix Cutting pattern does not weaken, it grows longer and with the weight of the longer hair the curl formation will stretch or become less effective! Its like a new language: LEARNING TO READ, WRITE AND SPEAK HELIX HAIR!

There is so much to learn and we would love the opportunity to answer all of your questions! For information call 888-MyHelix (694-3549) to speak with a friendly Helix representative today.

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