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Helix Cutting System?……What’s It All About?

Find Out MORE!

Find Out MORE!

It’s all about YOU!
The Helix Cutting System is an advanced cutting system for hair professionals only!

Helix Hair USA is a Post Graduate Academy of Fine Arts  for Licensed Hair Professionals Worldwide!

The Carole Lyden Smith Academy of Design was developed in the late 70’s in Atlanta, Georgia!  The Helix Global Learning Center and The Helix Hair Academy were also established with continued success and a mission to raise the level of professionalism in the Hair Profess.

The Inventor: Ms. Carole Lyden Smith

The Inventor:
Ms. Carole Lyden Smith

Now Almost 40 years of educating hair professionals, hair stylist, platform artists and corporate beauty companies world wide, Helix Hair USA has grown to an International spectrum with well over TEN THOUSAND GRADUATES trained in this amazing cutting system!  Helix Hair USA is located in the beautiful “Smoky Mountains of East Tennessee” to give the “Retreat” kind of atmosphere to experience something exciting and different.  Come see what you have been missing and Enjoy the natural beauty while you learn and discover HELIX HAIR USA Retreat Style Cutting class!!

Understanding the “Advanced Helix Cutting System” is technical in itself! However Simply put;


You have NEVER seen this before.

You have NEVER seen this before.



* JUST a curved shear!
* JUST twisting for texture!
* A GIMMICK! The proof is in our results!
* A OLD IDEA! HELIX is all about Science!

IT IS: Pure Science!



WOW – Is a common response when you discover it for yourself, so come on, Give your career the excitement of something NEW!

Yes, there is a lot to learn in the Phase One class!

Discovery class begins by learning to read the hair naturally first.

A scientific approach to natural hair pattern, problems and the health of the hair is the starting point for HELIX CUTTING SYSTEM.

It's All in the SHEAR!

It’s All in the SHEAR!

The Helix cutting method can cut a “3-D” spiral in the hair much like a “Spring” or “Slinky” and in the discovery class we start with “C” shaping.
The possibilities are endless when you understand the basic Helix concept and Helix Hair USA Graduates know it as “Cosmetic Physics” with shears, you will too!

The Phase One Discovery Class – 3 Full Days Of Cutting

Knowledge on Red Puzzle.

 – Ask About EASY FINANCING (no credit check)

 – Ask How to save $385.00 Now!  For a limited time.

The future is what you make of it NOW, so take advantage of this opportunity and promotional internet pricing. Discover the “Artist”, “Business Pro” and BEST of all a “Professional Corrective Specialist” for custom designing and problem hair resolve!

We look forward to meeting you one day soon, Helix Hair USA Team

Promotion Pricing and InformationPhase One Discovery Class:
$1860.00 – Deposit required ($200.00), Easy financing available (Approx. $100.00 per month).

Call 865/429-0750 or 888/My Helix (694-3549)

Student Kit Includes:
The Helix “Original” Shear
The Designers Canvas
A Professional Basket Diffuser
Marketing Kit
Promotional Kit
Helix Mini Molecular Repair Trio
100% Human hair mannequin
Class Workbook
Professional Certificate of Completion, AND SO MUCH MORE!
At Helix Hair USA we believe in quality education.    

We value the Hands-On Instruction and the ONE to ONE communication with every student. 

Clear and individual instruction is necessary to understanding HOW, WHEN AND WHERE the Helix tools are used. You will learn to develop your specific “Torque Print” and achieve the desired outcome you want EVERY-TIME.  Create a BEAUTIFUL, ONE OF A KIND, PERFECT DESIGN for every individual.  This is the sign of a TRUE ARTIST and Hair Professional.

The Very First day:

I Wonder if I could learn the Helix Cutting System?

I Wonder if I could learn the Helix Cutting System?

You will learn and experience HOW to cut curl, wave and direction into the hair AND see how “Corrective Cutting” becomes easy for problem growth patterns!
Professional, PHD Helix Educators are trained to EASE you into the world of Helix. Our Educators have been in the “Student Chair”.  Our Educators have been selected to communicate with each person and their learning level. Patience is necessary to motivate a new student with confidence and gentle caring instruction and demonstration!

You Can’t Do It Wrong!
We will help – It’s Easy!

Most Hair Professionals communicate in a Visual – Experiential or Hands-On environment!

Our Friendly Helix Educators are committed to your results and understanding of the Helix Cutting System and the accuracy of information, student retention and interpretation is our goal!

One on One Instructors gently guides everyone to their own learning pace.

It’s an experience you will never forget!
Study with Hair Professionals from all over the world!

Now that’s EFFECTIVE Social Networking for a LIFE TIME OF SUPPORT!





Additional Classes:

All classes include shears, student kit and tuition.
Phase Two – Relaxing naturally curly hair and correcting problem growth patterns.

Phase Three – Sculpting extreme fashion and Easy and time saving techniques for cutting long hair.

Phase Four – The Ruby Collection – FOR ADVANCED CUTTERS ONLY! Live Models – Consultation to Professional Photo Shoot.

Managers and support staff classes – Bring the whole team to experience these amazing classes. * Approximately a 75% discount.


ARE YOU AN ARTIST? – YES!   Helix Hair USA is proud offer adventure and total creativity with a full array of cutting and designing tools:

The Helix Shear Collection: When asked WHY so many shears?

Consider the true art of painting; Does the Artist use JUST ONE BRUSH?     The answer is NO!
Then discover how to: “Problem Solve Difficult Growth Patterns Permanently”.  Cowlick Correction becomes a thing of the past with
The Helix “T9E Shear”, the problem solver. You will be confident in “How to Design Problem Hair”.


The Helix Collection

The Helix Collection

The Ultimate Helix Shears

The Ultimate Helix Ruby Shears

Then Phase Two, Phase Three, Phase Four and Finally your PHD Certification!

Next, Experience “Curl Calming Shear” using the Helix “Blender Shear” – Controls Natural Curls!

DISCOVER HELIX BUSINESS CLASS:  Ask yourself these questions – Honestly: 

Do you design with confidence?
Image Word Product Box Package First Impression AppearanceDoes your Image say “New and Improved?”
Are everyday appointments exciting or boring?
Is your financial future limited or limitless?

Maximize your earning potential through “Target Marketing” strategies and “Direct Advertising” techniques to Select Your Customers.

Marketing - Arrows Hit in Red Mark Target.

NOW CONSIDER THIS: Complete cuts in six minutes! In the Helix world that equates to $10 per minute!девушка с часами и деньгами в руках

Now that’s worth finding out about! It’s All Included: You will also learn HOW TO: Market yourself “profitably” in any community. Know with confidence how to enhanced or camouflaged with principles of line and design.  You will become fast and proficient with the awesome “Line Cutter” that creates invisible layers, the Helix “Prophet Shear” and easy long hair cutting techniques. Most long hair customers WANT LONG HAIR.. Helix will keep it long and more beautiful than ever dreamed possible!  This is freedom to work smarter and not harder.

Advanced business education made easy, explore how to excite your existing clients and attract NEW VIP customers that are looking for expert designing and quality cutting.

Think about it……… If you can cut curl INTO hair………biotechnologist You can cut curl OUT of hair too!

Give Them What They Want! If that is not enough, enhance your ability with “Cosmetic Art.” 

Special effects coloring will create dimension in your cutting and Enhance or Camouflage your customers features. 

Spark Some Interest! Your ability to design using the Helix Cutting System becomes exciting and limitless.

Next is the “Helix Millennium Shear”, the sculpting tool used to create designs you have never imagined possible.

Helix Advanced European techniques in world class designing use this incredible tool in competition and daily use.

Helix Cutting System (On Fine Hair) No Products Used – Just Helix Shears

The Finish Is YOUR Talent, just imagine the choices your customers will have!

CALL HELIX NOW…. WE ARE WAITING: 1/888-My-Helix (865/694-3549)

The Helix Cutting System: Before and After

The Helix Cutting System: Before and After

                                        NO PRODUCTS OR CHEMICALS USED!

Do It Now and Soon you will be:
An Internationally known Professional Helix Designer

     Earning top dollarTwo women working at the computer

     Creating your own designs

     Work with the self confidence to achieve YOUR BEST WORK YET.

     The perfect time is….NOW!  We are waiting FOR YOU! 

     Call Now for your reservation – 865/429-0750 or 888/MyHelix (694-3549)

     Helix Hair USA – P.O. Box 5139 – Sevierville, TN 37864

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