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Helix Shear Collection™– The Designer’s Tool of the 21st Century is a hairdresser’s dream come true. This evolutionary, new shear and cutting method has allowed the hairdresser freedom from the limitations of precision hair cutting. The blade is curved to eliminate heavy points and square lines. The cutting edge is torqued to create a spiral movement throughout the hair section when used with proper wrist movement and body language.

What this means for your customers is that a hair design can be cut directly into the hair similar to a sculptor cutting a design into any other medium. With a precision haircut, the hair section is elevated straight up and cut straight across with a straight bladed shear. This actually leaves corners in the haircut. To counterbalance the cut, the hairdresser has to style the finish to fit the round head by back combing, round brushing or spraying the cut into place. When the customer goes home and shampoos their hair, the style actually goes down the drain. With the “Helix™ Design System”, the style is permanently sculpted into the hair so when the hair is shampooed, the design is still there. It does not grow out, just longer. The customer can wear a more manageable, user-friendly hairstyle. The maintenance is low and the client is able to recreate the same look that she received upon leaving the salon.

A scientific revelation can be very intense and overwhelming as a whole, and with any NEW METHODOLOGY and INVENTION must come a system of Explanation, Comprehension and Resolution. Over Ten Thousand Graduates Worldwide and here is what a few Helix Hair USA Graduates have to say!

Karen Giffin Gentry Maryville, Tn. 14 years. Still best haircuts ever!!! 2000 Graduate

Theresa Yountz Gray Kennesaw, GA. Graduated with my PHD in 2005.

Betty Lou Thompson Greensboro, N.C. 8 yrs and still loving my cuts of freedom! 2002

Robin Henry Gaddis from the great state of Owensboro KY graduated in 2004! Absolutely changed my vocational life! I do not own a pair of straight shears! Can’t live without my HELIX

Paula Marie Berends Elgin, SC, 12 years. The confidence and freedom of Helix cutting is the best feeling in the world!

Mechelle Munsell Anchorage Alaska, Graduated Helix 2003, Best career choice Ive ever made!!! Love designing with Helix the love and support from Helix Family is amazing!!!
All these years and the cut still amazes me each time, With Helix you truly go from ordinary to extraordinary!!!

Nancy Thompson Ferguson Owensboro Kentucky have been a helix designer since 2004.For sure it was the best decision i have ever made in my professional

Baohannah Lee Mooresville,NC graduated 2008. There is no word to express the way I feel about being apart of the Helix family. The technique is in itself a cut above the rest. The support, the love makes me feel that I belong. I think God daily for Helix Hair Academy

Beverly Hartis Bowling Green , KY ,PHD 2007 the Helix experience came at a great time in my career when you think you have done and seen it all.

Brenda Evans Brenda Evans stylist for 32+ yrs…with Helix since 2000… Helix Enrollment coordinator/ instructor…my past, present and future…need I say more?

Sarah Lintz Hudson Ohio, stylist for 10yrs. Graduated Ph1 last June and excited for Ph2 in March! Love this company and the amazing people. The shears and techniques are beyond awesome! Thanks so much to Brenda Evans for introducing us

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